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It is a space dedicated to the activity Development of a database of best practices in the field of energy renovation of logemebts BAMEP

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The " Energetics Housing Renovation - RELS " is a project of cross-border cooperation in the field of energy renovation in the residential sector . It is funded by the European Union (EU ) through the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument ( ENPI) in the context of cross-border cooperation program in the Mediterranean Basin.

This cross-border cooperation project regarding the residential sector in the Mediterranean was launched in 2011 and will last 40 months.


This project is funded by the European Union (EU) to the tune of 2 million euro aims to improve the thermal and energy performance of residential buildings located on the shore of the Mediterranean through the promotion of use of renewable energy and improving energy efficiency of the envelope and equipment.


The project will essentially promote, through a practice database called "BAMEP" the most advanced practices in the field of energy renovation and develop a training program based on sharing experiences of different partners for the definition and implementation of pilot projects in Sardinia (Italy), Catalonia (Spain) and Tunisia.


The project also targets the development and experimentation in the Mediterranean basin, an energy renewal scheme for social housing which will later be extended to other countries in the region.

The project seeks to create the foundations of a Euro-Mediterranean network for energy renovation.


RELS project is part of a partnership between the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain), the Italian Federation for Housing (Italy, Lazio), the Society of Studies and Planning of the north coast of Sfax (Tunisia, Sfax), the regional Agency for social housing in Sardinia (Italy), National Agency for Energy conservation (Tunisia) and the Royal Scientific Society, Centre of Aqaba in Jordan .


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